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Our Story

Our Story

Aldebran is a pacesetter brand in the Fashion industry. We are the home of quality and premium Products. From designing, crafting, to how you feel. We are always seeking perfection in every product’s piece you get from our store. Innovation and quality are our pillars. We always seek to deliver premium and classic products at affordable prices to our customers.

We make our product using the strongest, durable, and full-grain material to create outstanding pieces that become superior with age. We also observe strictly and the latest quality standards to ensure we deliver quality beyond expectation.

Our Team

At  Aldebran, we have an exceptional team of experts with vast experience in the Various industries. Our team consists of professionals from different fields such as engineering, business, biological science, and quality management. Apart from professional qualifications, our team members have over 20 years of experience in designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying products working with notable and prestigious global brands.

The team works in harmony to deliver our promise to the clients.  They craft each piece by employing a combination of expertise, innovativeness, and passion in work which is a guarantee of pleasant results.

Our belief

We provide quality that reflects your adventure and status. Our purpose is to offer products that will match your personality. For this reason, we commit to having customer-driven crafting processes.


Perfection is the wheel that drives our craft creativity. Our handcrafted designs follow strict quality protocols to ensure splendid finishing. Our crafting processes and designs aim at elevating the elements of each item we create. As a company, we have customers in our heart, and delivering products that reflect their values is our role.

Our processes

We have an exclusive production processes that follow strict crafting standards. We source and use best grade materials which guarantees high-quality and durable products. All production takes place in our factories. We do not outsource any production process. Our dedicated, motivated, and skilled workers take charge of this process which enables us to maintain the quality of all our products and offer value for your money.

Competitive prices

We understand that prices can be a major obstacle that can hinder you from getting your best quality products. For this reason, we focus on offering competitive and affordable prices to enable you to access our premium products. We apply innovative and efficient processes that enable us to reduce both production and delivery costs.

Essentially, we launched an online store to help customers access our premium products without any hustle. This aspect enabled us to eliminate unnecessary supply chain costs that we trickle down to the customers through offering competitive prices.

Our customers

We are a global brand. We design and manufacture products for leading brands in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. Our customers are both wholesalers and retailers. As a brand, we have a strong partnership with our customers that enables us to remain at the top in the manufacturing industry.

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