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Hunter Leather Rare Earth Magnetic money Clip and Card Holder


Unisex Handcrafted Hunter Leather Rare Earth Magnetic Money Clip exudes effortless elegance with a creative combination of high grade tan hunter leather (rustic looking leather with a firm, velvety grip) materials and it’s a clever, practical accessory, with magnetic money clip and credit cards.

Handcrafted and easy to use, having a compact minimalist design to easily carry it in your front pocket.

Most men and women still use a Money Clips to carry their cash, cards and other important IDs. Money Clips do not have to be bulky to be practical; they are stylish, comfortable and practical all at the same time.

A Money Clip can also be a fashion statement, something that represents your style and personality. Humanized design and easy to use.

You can also gift it to someone to make their day more and more special. It is the type of gift which makes them remember of you whenever they make any billings.

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