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Product information:

Material: plastic
Light: 12LED
Color: Smart Light + Vibration, Smart Vibration Sensor, Manual Switch
Battery: 300mA lithium battery
Use time: about 8-12 hours
Charging indicator, charging red light is on, full green light is high
Installation diameter: no more than 30m
Manual type: full manual switch control, light on when on, and on when off Extinct.
Vibration sensor: manual switch + vibration control: turn on 5
If you don’t feel the vibrating light for a second, it will go out, and it will vibrate again.
Turn on by itself, no feeling during 35-40 seconds during use
It will be automatically extinguished after being shaken, and it will be on its own after being shaken again
Turn on.
Light sensing + shock sensing model: light sensing + vibration sensing mutual control, open
Switch, dark light environment + vibration sensor automatically point high. ring
The ambient brightness is high or the light is off at rest.
1. Long press for 2-3 seconds to switch the machine, short press to switch the light color
And flashing mode: green light flashes, green light flashes, red light flashes-
Red light always bright-blue light flashing-blue light always bright pink light flash pink light
Always bright-cyan light flash-cyan light always bright yellow light flash-yellow light always bright
-White light flashing-White light is always bright 7 color wheel flashing
2. Turn on and hold for 3 seconds to enter the 18-color mode: the color is automatic
Dynamic change, 3 seconds-change

Size information:

Diameter 8.2cm, thickness 1.6cm

Packing list :

Balance car hub light*1

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Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

Smart light shock, Manual switch, Smart vibration sensor

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