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Product information:

Name: British Liberty 100 Tana Lawn Cotton

TOPICS: Rachel/RACHEL-Blue Flower

Width/fabric count/material: 135cm width/100-count plain weave cotton

Thickness: about 0.14mm 

Weight: about 75g/square meter

Description of cutting size: It is sold in units of 25cm, and one piece is 25cm*135cm. There may be errors in manual cutting, and the error range (1~2 cm).

Introduction of fabric recommendation:

This fabric is imported ultra-fine long-staple cotton, woven with 70S and 100S single-strand yarns.

With the quality of luxury fabrics. Guaranteed not to use harsh allergens and non-environmentally friendly chemicals

Processed, soft and light, clear color, clear print, full of art, the fabric feels smooth and silky. Suitable for making clothing, bags, and other household items and handmade DIY.

Washing instructions:

This product is a grade A environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, natural material fabric. There will be shrinkage.

Different materials have different shrinkage rates. It is recommended to make them after passing water. Do not use strong alkaline detergents for the first washing.

Packing list:

Cotton Fabric 25cm*135cm*1

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Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 20 cm

Rachel Blue Flowers

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