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Size Approx: 6.3 x 8.3 inch (21X16CM)

Color: 24 different colors, a few colors may be vary 

Earring Hooks Material: Alloy (Not include plumbum and nickel)

Package Includes: 

12X Litchi Synthetic Leather Fabric Sheets 

6 X Metallic Faux Leather Sheets 

6 X Chunky Glitter Stereoscopic Sequins Faux Leather Sheets 

125X Earring Hooks 

250X Jump Rings 

1 X Pliers 

5 X Water-Soluble Pens(The traces of water-soluble pen can be erased with water.) 

1 X Jump Rings Opener 

1 X Scissor 

1 X Hole Puncher

17x Leather earring cut molds(reusable,washable)

Product name: DIY handmade material suit

Product color: White K color accessories

Product material details are as follows:

A set of 10 grid material boxes, a pair of sharp pliers, a ring ring, a set of five-color gel pen, a punching punch, a pair of scissors, a 24-color leather, and 17 plastic molds.

10 boxes of materials are as follows

There are 125 ear hooks, 25 in five colors, 250 in 5MM and 7MM circles.

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Dimensions 400 × 350 × 100 cm

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