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Use 2032 button battery (with battery)

◆ Made of high elasticity waterproof silicone material 

◆Sturdy, durable, and strong tensile strength

 ◆Multifunctional fixing method 

◆3 kinds of switching methods 

◆Water-proof and anti-leaching design – not afraid of water in the rainy days
◆Installation or disassembly does not require any tools for 3 seconds to get 

◆ Australian fashion design 

● Silicone material is cold and heat resistant, and can be used safely regardless of the low temperature of 40 degrees or the high temperature of 220 degrees. 

● The outer layer is covered with high-elastic waterproof silicone, which is stable, durable and has strong tensile strength. 

● High-elastic silicone multi-function fixing method – can be installed on the handlebar, seat cushion standpipe, front fork, rear upper fork, rear backpack, safety helmet…
● Fixed in front of the helmet – Night riding can be used as a warning headlight and browsing maps. 

● Fixed to the rear of the helmet – can be used as a warning tail light. 

● One-Touch switch design, easy to operate. 

● Three switching modes: fast flashing, slow flashing, constant lighting, and off, which can be quickly switched according to your actual needs. 

● Full light for 35 hours. 

● The flashing can last for 160 hours. 

● Warning effective visibility is up to 600 meters. 

● Quick release design – installation or removal can be done in 3 seconds without any tools. 

● Emergency lighting, outdoor outdoor play, mountaineering lighting, and bicycle lighting are all suitable. 

● Anti-water and anti-leaching design – not afraid of immersion in rainy weather



B style

[name] USB charging taillight

 [power supply] lithium battery

 [Item No.] ks2-040

[weight] 50g

[color] red, white, blue 

[light head] LED lamp head

 [size] 2cm*7.3cm*2cm

 [Mode] Constantly lit, slow loop, strobe, fast loop

 [Applicable pipe diameter] Suitable for seat pipe within 4cm 

[Usage time] The charging time is 2 hours, and the usage time is up to 6 hours.
[Features] High-brightness LED lamp, using rechargeable lithium polymer battery, automatic full-charge cutting system, 


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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

Blue, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Red


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