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Product information:

Material :PE+ nylon

Pattern: Solid color

Color: Light grey

Size :2*2.3m,2*1.5m


1, the cold value (Q-max) is greater than 0.4 (most cold fabrics only 0.2), can quickly suck

Absorb body heat to keep you cool and sweat free all night long, even on the hottest summer nights. Bottom mining

With the same fabric, the cold feeling value is higher, compared with single-sided cold feeling blanket is more suitable for people who are easy to heat;

2, the cooling fiber excellently absorbs body heat, instantly reducing the skin temperature by 2 to 5°C. (Others

The company’s cooling fiber has a cooling value of only 0.2);

3, 20%PE + 80% nylon both sides of the same material fabric, can quickly transfer moisture from the skin

Move to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate, making the human skin dry and comfortable, with a cool feeling, very suitable

A hot summer;

4, multi-functional use scenario: The size of this blanket is just suitable for a double bed or a full bed. Take these

Blankets for your child’s room, camping, car, travel and airplane;

5, easy maintenance: These blankets are fully machine washable. Put the blanket in a laundry mesh bag in case

Stop tangles and damage: Keep blankets fresh, clean, and odor-free at all times.) These blankets fit perfectly

The season when temperatures change from cool to warm in spring and autumn. This is one for all purposes and occasions

The ultimate multifunctional heating and cooling blanket.

Packing list:

Blanket X1PCS Instruction X1PCS Color box X1PCS
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Additional information

Weight 0.90 kg
Dimensions 340 × 240 × 45 cm



2X15m, 2X23m

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