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Name :Ski glasses motorcycle windproof sand goggles riding sports outdoor tactical goggles army fan glasses
Material: PC
Color: transparent, yellow, brown, grey, color
Features: The outer frame of the eyecup is provided with a ventilation system to increase the air circulation and comfort of the user during operation. High quality, lightweight, hard and veneer, suitable for any human face design suitable for use with night vision goggles.
Headband: Advanced design meets various helmets, sights, telescopes, night vision systems.
Testing: Anti-impact lenses, surpassing the American National Standards Institute ANSI Z87.1 level I impact resistance standards.
Lens: The lens uses imported polycarbonate fiber (POLYCARBONATE) to strengthen the lens.
UVA / UVB protection, anti-fog and anti-scratch protective outer film layer, can resist sand or liquid splashing




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Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 170 × 280 × 40 cm

Grey, Yellow, Brown, Color, Transparent

United Kingdom customer +447477215079
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