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Product information:

Material: Cotton

Yarn technology: untwisted yarn

Yarn specification: 8

Production process: plain weave

Color: Bamboo cotton wrap – lion spot, bamboo cotton wrap – elephant spot hair, bamboo cotton wrap – green umbrella panda spot, upgraded bamboo cotton wrap – cheetah spot hair, bamboo cotton wrap – water lily spot hair, Upgraded Bamboo Cotton Wrap-Blue Whale Spot in Seconds,Upgraded Bamboo Cotton Wraps-Giraffe Spots in Seconds,Upgraded Bamboo Cotton Wraps-Lemon Spots in Seconds,Upgraded Bamboo Cotton Wraps-Pears in Spot Seconds,Organic Cotton Wraps -Rabbit, upgraded bamboo cotton wraps-purple taro in stock, bamboo cotton wraps-potted plants, bamboo cotton wraps-dogs, bamboo cotton mother and child giraffes, bamboo cotton wraps-peaches in stock, Bamboo cotton wrap – butterfly spot hair, bamboo cotton wrap – little bee spot hair, bamboo cotton wrap – grasshopper spot hair, bamboo cotton wrap – moose, background light blue, bamboo cotton wrap – zebra spot hair

Specifications (length * width cm): 120x120cm

Packing list:

Baby wrap*1

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Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 30 cm



Blue Whale Spot in seconds, Butterfly, Cheetah Spot in seconds, Elephant spot hair, Giraffe Spot in seconds, Grasshopper, Green Umbrella Panda Spot, Lemon Spot in seconds, Lion, Moose light blue background, Mother and Son Giraffe, Peach, Pears Spot in seconds, Rabbit, Water lily spot hair, WrapLittle Bee, WrapPurple Taro, Wrapdog, Wrappot, Zebra

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