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Material: Chenille

Pattern: plant flower grass leaves stripes plaid

Style: simple and modern

Size: 150*190cm, 220*260cm

Slipcover products: Slipcover (covering the entire sofa)

Suitable for: combination sofa

You must know before buying it:

[If you are temporarily unable to measure]

  For the standard sofa, it is a 150x190cm single sofa, a 220x260cm double sofa and a three-seat sofa. The sofa is too large or too small to be compatible.

  There are several combinations of L-shaped sofas:

1. The most common is two 220x260cm, one horizontal cover double position and one vertical cover position.

2. A wider L-shaped sofa can be added with a 150x190cm on the top.






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Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 350 × 300 × 30 cm

150x190cm, 220x260cm


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