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This reel is a front and rear double-discharge reel, used for fishing, and used with fishing alarms.

The fishing reel has two brakes with front and rear unloading force, and the upper and lower wrenches are controlled by the tail. The main function is to use the loose unloading force to make the alarm alarm during the process of throwing the fish. Switch to another drag squid after the pole. In case it is inconvenient to operate only one unloading force, the setting is too tight, which may cause the big fish to tow away the fishing rod and the alarm is invalid. If the fish is too loose, the fish cannot be squid in time.

Before use, set the front and rear two unloading forces. Generally, the front unloading force is slightly tight for the squid, and the rear unloading force is relatively loose. When throwing the shovel and placing it on the fishing rod bracket for the fish, the wrench is switched to the rear unloading. Force, so that after the fish is looser, the unloading force can easily release the line to make the alarm timely alarm; after the pole is closed, the swinging arm automatically switches to the front unloading force to start the squid, which is very convenient!undefined

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Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 80 cm

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